Why choose Derry Bros Customs Clearance?

Rather than go through the pain of filling in all the forms yourself, you can ask an expert to do it instead. That’s where we come in. Derry Bros Customs Clearance takes away the hassle, the strain, and the complexity of completing customs clearance forms and paperwork.

We have a highly trained and experienced team who have read all the small print so you don’t have to. They love nothing more than trawling through pages and pages of government regulations, sub clauses and red tape. 

They then plot the best course of action for you, offering our customers precise and timely advice – so that they can rest safe in the knowledge that when they set off with a load of goods, they will sail through customs with the minimum of fuss.

What we do.

We offer a range of specialist customs clearance services, including: Imports/exports; ENS; SFDs; GMR/PBN; TSS; Traces/IPAFFS; transits; and supplementary declarations. 

Customs clearance is becoming increasingly confusing and complicated. But by working with Derry Bros our trader support team can smooth the way. Our range of specialist services include: Import and export customs clearance for the UK and Ireland; safety and security declarations; TRACES, PEACH and IPAFFS entry (don’t worry, those in the know, know what this means!), supplementary declarations for CFSP (likewise); warehouse and ETSF clearance (oops, there’s another acronym); AEO assessment and applications (last one we promise); IT network intrusion testing (ethical hacking so to speak), as well as customs approvals and accreditations and European network clearance.

Routes we cover across GB, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.

We specialise in the following routes:

• NI – GB

• NI – GB via ROI

• GB – NI

• GB – NI via ROI

• GB – ROI

• GB – ROI via NI

• RO I- GB

• ROI – GB via NI



• EU – EU via GB

Industry memberships and accreditations.

Why it matters.

Using an intermediary (or an enabled software provider) like Derry Bros Customs Clearance to submit your declarations became even more essential from 1 January 2021. 

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU customs union, 150,000 traders have suddenly been exposed to customs formalities for the very first time, and that’s just UK-based traders. Many more across mainland Europe will also be confronted with unfamiliar customs paperwork at the end of the transition period. 

Customs authorities estimate Brexit will create an additional 200 million declarations per year. How, when and where you submit those declarations is the key to achieving the smoothest possible route to market (e.g. GB – NI, GB – ROI, NI – GB – EU).

Investing in technology and people.

At Derry Bros Customs Clearance we have invested heavily in all the correct software, training and skills to enable us to complete authorisations quickly and smoothly so that our customers can access the government’s Customs Declaration Service with the minimum of fuss.

We have the most qualified customs clearance department across Great Britain and the island of Ireland.