History, Heritage and Hope for the Future

By admindbcc on 16 February 2022

History often has a habit of repeating itself, and here at Derry Bros, we’ve been doing a little digging. We were eager to find out more about the land Derry Bros HQ is built on, the people that worked here before us and how our modern company relates to the fascinating stories and gems that we have unearthed from the past. The findings have been nothing short of astounding! With no expectations and a healthy dose of curiosity, we have discovered that the land that we work on everyday has a rich history that relates to us more than we ever thought possible.



We’ve been able to find information on a family business on the Derry Bros land dating back to 1870! Anthony Cowdy and Sons ran a linen mill here at Loughgall, Greenhall Linen, and maintained a strong loyalty to family throughout all of their business endeavors. The business was first formed by Anthony Cowdy’s great grandfather and was supported by a large cohort of family members. The business stayed within the family for the entirety of it’s long life, with Anthony’s family continuing to work there until the business dissipated in 1964, due to the decline in the linen trade. The original mill house still stands today, giving us a peek into the yard’s incredible past. The land here has kept a strong family ethos throughout the years, with Derry Bros founded by our current CEO Brigid Derry’s father, Jim Derry Family and community is so important to us here at Derry Bros and we couldn't feel more proud to continue that heritage.



During our research, we were surprised to find out that our transport yard has been a transport yard for the last 150 years! Greenhall Linen transported linen to Belfast every day, and on the way, stopped with numerous firms to check if they had any cloth to be processed. This work was incredibly important for the economy and the linen industry, and Greenhall Linen was a highly respected transport firm. It’s truly incredible to know that the transport work we do today is connected to work that occurred 150 years ago! We’re proud to follow in Greenhall’s footsteps by maintaining high standards and transporting goods for businesses throughout the country and beyond.




At Derry Bros Customs Clearance we are delighted to be recognised as a top 5 UK provider for Trader Support Services. Customs Clearance is an incredibly vital part of running a business and transporting goods, and it appears that this hasn’t changed a bit since our predecessors inhabited the land. For Mr Cowdy and the business to transport linen across the border to Drogheda and Dublin, there were a number of highly complicated customs procedures. It appears that with hard work, dedication and a willingness to get the job done, Cowdy and his team mastered the customs clearance protocols, giving them the edge of their competitors. High standards of customs clearance have always been here in this area and Derry Bros are ensuring they stay.



Mr Cowdy and Greenhall Mill were always great advocates for supporting the community and championing the local people. Greenhall Mill employed upwards of 200 people, creating an incredible boost for the local economy. Mr Cowdy was also a prominent figure in public life, serving as chairman on the County Council as well as being a member of the Education Committee. Derry Bros is proud to maintain this passion and dedication to providing jobs for the local community, supporting our staff as best we can and helping keep our local community moving every day


It has astounded us to discover how connected Derry Bros is to the rich history of the land we work on every day. We’re extremely proud to continue the industry of transport, customs clearance and shipping that has been established here for so long and we hope to always follow in Greenhall Mill’s legacy of dedication, outstanding customer service and championing communities. There’s still so much more to learn about the rich history and heritage of where we are based and when we do we’ll be sure to share it with you.


Here’s to embracing the past, focusing on the present and a successful future for Derry Bros and all of our customers.


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Article written by admindbcc

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