Fleet Awards 2024: A Night of Commencing Excellence

By admindbcc on 15 November 2023
Derry Bros Shipping & Customs thrilled for Sister Company , Digicom, for winning the Innovation Award at the Fleet Awards 2024!

The Fleet Awards 2024, hosted at the elegant Johnstown Estate, unfolded as an evening filled with anticipation and camaraderie for Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance. We were already honoured to be shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious Customer Service Award, a recognition of our commitment to delivering excellence in customer service.

The excitement was palpable as CEO Brigid Derry and MD Colin Robb, along with key team members, including Customs Clearance Manager - Matt Boutros, Shipping Manager - Jayne Murdock, Shipping Supervisor - Karen Henderson, Chartered Accountant - William Gould, Marketing Executive - Ma. Christine Grace Bautista, and Sales Manager - Allan Vincent, gathered for a night of celebration.

Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Team with CEO Brigid Derry

As we sat down to enjoy the sumptuous feast, we eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners. The revelation that Derry Bros did not secure the Customer Service Award and CEO Brigid Derry did not win the Women in Transport Award did not dampen our spirits. Instead, we were genuinely thrilled to witness the success of our sister company, Digicom, which clinched the prestigious Innovation Award. Gratitude filled the room as we realised that Digicom's innovative product had been acknowledged among the best in the industry.

The list of award winners showcased the excellence and diversity within the transport and logistics sector. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Digicom for this well-deserved honour and express our gratitude to the sponsors who made the event possible. This recognition in the Innovation category is not just a win for Digicom but a win for the entire team and the customers who believe in their vision.

Leaving the Johnstown Estate with hearts full of camaraderie, joy, and pride, our team at Derry Bros remains inspired to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional solutions in the industry of digital customs clearance.

As we reflect on this remarkable night at the Fleet Awards 2024, we express our sincere congratulations to Digicom for the well-deserved Innovation Award. Here's to the future, where both Derry Bros and Digicom will continue making lasting impacts on the transport and logistics industry.

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