Workshop to Explain Trader Support Service and NI Protocol.

By admindbcc on 4 November 2020

From 1 January 2021, the ‘Northern Ireland Protocol’ will take effect to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, whilst ensuring the UK, including Northern Ireland, can leave the EU as a whole.

The Protocol means that UK authorities apply EU customs rules to goods entering Northern Ireland. This means that from 1 January 2021 electronic import declarations as well as safety and security declarations will be required for goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

HM Government have launched a new, free support service for firms involved in the movement of goods to Northern Ireland, to help them adapt to the new processes.

If your organisation moves goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, then the new Trader Support Service (TSS) can help you prepare to ensure that your goods continue to move smoothly from 1 January 2021.

The Service provides a digital-first solution to support new declarations procedures for goods originating in Great Britain and moving to Northern Ireland, using information provided by traders and carriers.

A workshop is being organised by Derry Bros to help businesses understand what the Northern Ireland Protocol means for them.

It will also outline how to prepare for the changes that result from the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and will explain more about what you need to do to be ready to keep your goods moving from 1st January 2021, as well as highlight what the Trader Support Service will do to support customs declarations for goods moving from GB to NI, and where customs intermediaries such as Derry Bros continue to provide essential services for NI trade.

Photo by G-R Mottez on Unsplash

Article written by admindbcc