BTOM SPS Import Controls - What's Next?

By admindbcc on 14 February 2024

A number of changes took effect on 31 January 2024 as part of the phased implementation of the new border controls. Here's a quick recap of what has changed when it came to SPS Import Controls:

  • Simplified export health certificates and phytosanitary certificates were introduced for medium-risk animal products and phytosanitary goods imported from the EU. This maintains necessary controls while reducing complexity.
  • Sample documentary checks began on medium-risk EU goods. This means some goods will be selected for checks of accompanying documentation, but there will initially be no new routine physical or identity checks undertaken at the border. So, there are no charges or holds for inspection.
  • Pre-notification requirements were introduced for EU Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) goods entering Great Britain via West Coast ports. Importers now need to provide advance notice of shipments.
  • Certification Logistics Pilots and Accredited Trusted Trader Pilot Schemes began operation. These pilots aim to streamline processes and reduce burdens for trusted traders and certain supply chain models.

What's Next on 30 April 2024:

The new global risk-based import regime will come into effect for both EU and non-EU goods. This tailored approach aims to focus resources on the highest-risk areas while facilitating trade.

  • Checks will be introduced at the border on medium-risk EU-origin goods, with the exception of those entering via West Coast ports. This means identity and physical checks at designated Border Control Posts.
  • All SPS goods will need to enter Great Britain via a point of entry that has the relevant Border Control Post or Control Point designation for those goods.
  • Controls will be removed for some low-risk non-EU plants and plant products, where supported by risk assessments.
  • Reduced checks will be implemented for non-EU medium-risk animal products compared to current levels.
  • Common Health Entry Documents (CHEDs) will be required for live animal, HRFNAO and animal product imports from the EU to enable identity and physical checks.

Further requirements come into effect from 31 October 2024:

  • Check requirements will be introduced for EU SPS goods entering Great Britain via West Coast ports, harmonising the controls with other entry points.
  • The UK Single Trade Window will launch to remove duplication across pre-arrival data for imports where possible. This aims to simplify trader management of SPS requirements.

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Source: The Border Target Operating Model: August 2023

Article written by admindbcc