AIS Technical Upgrade

By admindbcc on 21 April 2021

Please be informed that a technical upgrade to AIS will take place on Wednesday 21 April, between 8pm and 10pm approximately.

During that time traders will be able to submit declarations or messages to the system but delays will occur with the following:

  • receiving an MRN for your declaration
  • receiving a routing message for your declaration
  • Revenue receiving your supporting documentation

All queued messages will be processed immediately when the system is restored.

If you require an MRN for your pre-lodged customs import declaration in order to complete your PBN but, due to AIS being unavailable, have not received same, then PBN Fallback will be available. The PBN fallback allows you to select the ‘My Vehicle is Empty’ option when creating the PBN.

Where you receive the MRNs after ferry check-in, then those MRNs and the PBN ID should be sent by email while the vessel is en route to:

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

Article written by admindbcc