From humble beginnings to Business All-Star Accredited.

Derry Bros Shipping Ltd is a leading Ireland based shipping agent providing a specialised service for a wide range of valuable customers. The original multi-faceted family business was founded over 50 years ago by Jim Derry, a name synonymous with transport and shipping solutions throughout the island of Ireland.

Incorporated in 2005 under the successful management of Brigid Derry, Derry Bros Shipping Ltd (DBS) has transformed to become a specialist shipping agent providing top level shipping solutions throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond.

In 2016 after the vote confirmed Brexit, DBS started to prepare for the impact it would have on not only our business but those of our valued customers. It is with thanks to these preparations that Derry Bros Customs Clearance was born.

Our values help ensure we are sustainable.

We care passionately about people, so our values are important to us and shape how we do things and why we do them. They are carved in stone and are the foundations from which everything else is built. We think about them every day to ensure we are always heading in the right direction. 

We are trusted by everyone we work with.

We treat our customers’ business as if it was our own livelihoods on the line. We want you to feel like you’re a Derry Bros Customs Clearance business partner not just a client or customer. After all, you’re putting your faith in us to keep your goods moving, so we need to earn your trust by doing what we say we’re going to do, enabling you to deliver the goods on time, every time. On the odd occasion we get something wrong, we are always quick to put it right, tell you what happened, and make amends. 

Fun and serious!

If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life. We have a bit of craic with each other and aren’t afraid to have a laugh with our customers. But when it comes to keeping you moving, we are deadly serious.